For my first blog I have chosen to review it A Blast from the Past. I would consider this site to offer a “fun to read” type of blog. For example, one post is about a secret plot to rescue Napoleon from his exile in Helena via submarine. A man named Thomas Johnson, a smuggler who escaped from prison multiple times, was offered a substantial amount of money to carry out this plot. However, St. Helena was guarded by 2,800 men and 500 canons. It appears that escape was futile. There is evidence that Johnson actually designed the submarines to rescue Napoleon. There is no evidence supporting these submarines would be effective. Also, it is apparent that this plot was never carried out.  Many other plots were also thought up for Napoleon’s escape. This post also mentioned how people in other countries view Napoleon. This blog is set up nicely. I found the layout and links very easy to follow. The post included many images and quotes from the time the post discussed. Which made for an entertaining read.