First off, I have a passion for and thoroughly enjoy learning about, interpreting and representing the past.

Cicero once stated, “To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child.” I believe Cicero’s statement is correct. Those who do not know history do not know where they have come from and are thus childlike in nature, naive (this is a little harsh sounding, but reality is not always a field of lilacs). It is important to understand how we have developed into the civilization we are today. We must know and understand our failures so as to avoid future failures. We must look to our successes to see what we have achieved and understand what it took to achieve. History is interesting in  this sense and that it is not so black and white. Since history is a representation and not a replication, there seems to be grey areas in which historians can only argue their point without knowing for a guarantee what or why something actually occurred. Maybe unable to put this idea into this exact statement at the time, this is a big reason I changed majors to history. For three semesters I was a biochemistry major. I enjoy science and it is now more of a hobby than a career choice. It is two black and white, however. In the classes I have taken you are either right or wrong. Not much creativity involved. Instead of spending hours in lab, writing tedious lab reports, and calculating copious amounts of data, I am now learning more and more about history and representing it in my own way. Tasks I find much more enjoyable.