Our assignment this week in class involved two debates on completely different subjects. The first debate centered on if Robert E. Lee was a brilliant commander or not. The second debate, of which I am a part of, focuses on the idea that surgical air power alone cannot win wars. My group was assigned the affirmative argument to this topic. Plenty of debate prep went into this assignment. Truthfully, the first time we met all of us did not have the time to thoroughly read over the sources within the book. After a brief discussion in which we decided to meet again, read over the sources, and find some outside sources, we parted ways. The second time we met to discuss the debate, we were more prepared.  A rough draft of an outline was already prepared by one of our members and outside sources from all were being discussed, plus the sources assigned in class.  During this meeting we also discussed points the opposing side may argue and how we could counter them. In the third and final meeting, a plethora of additional sources were discussed and added. The outline for the argument became complete, as well as the bibliography. An introduction to our debate was drafted as well as a flexible conclusion. The lineup of who would present which part of the four part debate was decided. A very productive final meeting! I enjoyed working with everyone in my group. I feel that we each contributed a great deal to our overall argument. This class assignment was definitely different than what I have experienced in previous history classes. Overall, it has been a pleasant assignment.