For my term paper I am writing about prisoners of the Korean War. Specifically, I am focusing on our Korean prisoners of war namely both the Chinese and Korean prisoners American forces held captive. Repatriation played a huge rule during the war or in other words many of the prisoners we held captive stated they would violently resist returning to their country of origin. Centered on Korean prisoners of war and the problems of repatriation, I have found numerous primary sources, such as news articles and speeches of the time of the Korean War that have been very interesting and informative. Notably, thus far I have found one secondary source that held an excellent description of the steps that led to resolution of prisoner repatriation and of the resolution itself. This secondary source is Schaff’s essay “1953 Korean War Armistice”. I have to admit, it did take a while to locate an article that dealt with the resolution of the Korean War. Many of the sources I found dealt with the conditions of the prison camps, riots within the prison camps, problems between the separate groups within the camps, and statistics pertaining to the prisoners within the camps. I was delighted to finally find Schaff’s article. Within it Schaff focuses more on the political aspects that led to the resolution of prisoner repatriation, such as the National Nations Supervisory Commission, the National Nations Repatriation Commission, the United Nations Commission’s final proposal and the tension and formations occurring between these important happenings.  Schaff’s article will be very crucial part of my term paper.