For my term paper, I am writing about prisoners of the Korean War, namely Koreans and Chinese, that the United Nations Command held captive. I began my research when Dr. Ward gave an assignment to write on a primary source document. I was given the topic of Korean War POWs. I have been familiar with the EBSCOhost online resource data base since high school. I have used this data base in the past to find primary sources. So, I began searching the data base with the subject of Korean War POWs, and constricted the search to the time period of the Korean War. In doing so I found many great primary documents. One in particular was very interesting, a speech by Senator Douglas given to President Eisenhower concerning repatriation of our Korean War prisoners. I am also taking speech class this semester. When choosing a topic for my informative speech, I picked the same subject as my term paper. Thus, allowing me to do more research. Inspired by the speech Douglas gave, I decided to focus specifically on repatriation. I turned to Wikipedia to obtain more ideas on possible subjects to search that  concerned repatriation of prisoners. I used this information to search the library catalog and to search EBSCOhost once again. I found a good reference source within the government documents in the library and several online articles that were interesting and gave good statistical information. Using this information, I formed my informative speech and presented it. Then, we as a class met with Bret Heim. In his discussion with the class, he provided information about many different ways to research and introduced several search engines I did not know existed. Heim also provided each student with sources concerning our own individual topics. Although I have not had the chance to examine the sources he suggested to me, I am sure they will prove to be useful. In class, we also discussed Turabian’s chapter on research strategies. The information given in our meeting with Heim and the discussion on Turabian has shown many different ways of research, note taking, actively creating bibliographies, and examining sources. I also found Dr. Ward’s system on note taking and gathering information on sources to be very efficient. I plan on using this newly obtain knowledge to enhance future research concerning my term paper and other research in the future.